TimeCrest Crystals Contest

Welcome! I am glad to collaborate with SneakyCrab, the developers of TimeCrest, to have players enter in a contest to win 300 time crystals. Before entering, please read the rules for the contest.

Rules for the contest

  1. You may only enter once. You must answer the questions correctly, and get the “secret keyword” correct. The person who gets it right first, wins 300 TimeCrystals.
  2. No outside help, except within the game. You are welcome to look through the game to obtain the keywords, but you are not permitted to ask anyone else for help. I will give a hint on what to look for so you have an easier time to know what keywords to look for.
  3. Have fun! Okay, that one is pretty obvious, but have fun. Think of it like a word finding game, in a way. And now, continue down below to enter the contest. Good luck!

Hints on what to look for for the keywords

  1. Chapter 1 and 2: You are looking for characters
  2. Chapter 3, 4, and 5: You are looking for places within the game
  3. Chapter 6 and 7: You are looking for an object that Ash learns about. Huge hint, Chapter 7, the beginning of a big event.

Questions about the contest? Use the link below to send an email to TheTechPianoPlayerKid

Click here to send an email to ask about the contest

Enter the contest to win 300 TimeCrest Crystals!

Oh no! Entries for the TimeCrest Crystals contest is closed. If you would still like to enter, and missed the time frame, please contact TheTechPianoPlayerKid at: