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“If you are under 13 years of age, and under 18, please obtain permission from a parent or guardian before continuing. If you, and/or the parent or guardian have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a text or call.

Here you can buy braille bracelets, and other products that I will be selling at a later time. If you have any trouble with the payment process, please call me at:


Below is what the description of the bracelet looks like.

Description of Bracelet

The bracelet is white, and in black print is the name of my YouTube channel name “TheTechPianoPlayerKid”. In braille, is the acronym of my YouTube channel name TTPPK. Below is an image for those who are sighted.

Bracelet Braille side that says TTPPK
Bracelet print side that says in quotes TheTechPianoPlayerKid

At some point, I will add braille metal keychains and maybe some other items with the initials of my YouTube channel name or initials on it. I will keep this page up to date.

International Shipping

For those who want to buy and do not live in the United States, and/or live in Hawaii/Alaska, you will need to pay for shipping. Please proceed with the order and I will reach out to you to let you know the estimated shipping cost. If it is to expensive, please let me know and I will cancel the order for you.

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