Scheduled Zoom Meetings with TheTechPianoPlayerKid

Welcome! Here you can check to see if there are any scheduled Zoom Meetings available that you can join with TheTechPianoPlayerKid. Before joining, please note some rules and guidelines:

Rules and Guidelines

  • 1. No Cussing or cursing: Cussing, cursing, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated during these meetings. There will most likely be different age groups in the meeting.
  • 2. Respect privacy: If someone does not feel comfortable sharing information, please do not press further. Just respect their privacy.
  • 3. Do not ask for personal information: Do not ask for personal information such as email, phone number, address, etc. This is to keep everyone safe.
  • 4. If you do not feel comfortable with someone in the meeting, or someone made you uncomfortable, please let me know buy email, text/iMessage, or phone call and I will help out the best I can.
  • 5. If you agree to all these guidelines, please proceed to the form below.

Join TheTechPianoPlayerKid’s Zoom Meeting

The form is now closed for new submissions. If you want to join the meeting, please wait for the next meeting to sign up.