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Here you can request an account on my TeamTalk Server. Please read the rules that need to be followed on my server at all times.

Before Joining:

Before Joining, please note the following:

If you are under the age of 13, please ask a parent or guardian before using the form or any other form on my website. If your parent or guardian have any questions, you can find my contact information on the home page of my website.

Rules to follow on my TeamTalk Server

  • No Cussing or Cursing

                Cussing, cursing, or inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated on my server. There will most likely be different age groups, so keep it family friendly. If you are having any issues with a member on my server, please let me know by using one of the contact methods on the home page of my website.

  • Respect everyone’s privacy

                Please respect everyone’s privacy. If someone does not feel comfortable sharing information, please respect their privacy and don’t push it to the limit.

  • Personal Information

                Don’t share personal information like emails, phone numbers, street address, ETC. If someone on the server is trying to get personal information from you, please let me know so I can help out as soon as possible.

  • Account information

                Do not share account information with anyone else. Everyone has their own account on the server.

  • Pictures and Videos

                Uploading of pictures, videos, and other types of video or audio have been disabled on the server for safety reasons.

  • Respect Opinions and Views

                Please respect everyone’s opinions. Some people may have different views and opinions on a topic, so please respect their opinion. If someone is religious (Christian, Catholic, ETC,) please be respectful of that as well.

If you agree to these guidelines, please proceed to the form below. If you want to try out the server first, please use the link below to use the guest account. If you need help configuring the correct settings for TeamTalk for Android, Mac, iPhone, or any other device, please let me know. I’m still going to include the settings below above the link.

Recommended settings for TeamTalk

Also please note:

When you open the TeamTalk app for the first time, you might want to change these settings, by going to preferences.

  1. Change your gender to the closest you identify by.
  2.  Maximum text length, (Limit names in channel list) change this to about 150 by pressing the increment button until you get to 150. You might get there quicker, if you hold this button, but it depends on the device. For VoiceOver users, do the same thing but check until you get there or just keep pressing it until you get there.
  3.  Under public servers, turn everything off.
  4.  Under sound system, set the microphone gain between 50-70.
  5.  Voice activation level, set this to 0. Ignore the recommendation.
  6.  Speaker output, set this to speaker. Android users, this may be different.
  7.  Headset TX toggle, turn this off if it is turned on.
  8.  Voice preprocessing, turn this on.
  9.  Sound events, use what you prefer.
  10.  Join root channel, you may have to turn this off, since I am not sure if it will effect where it goes since most accounts except the guest account goes to the Main lounge channel.

Note for Android users, and other user devices, these settings may be slightly different, but still should work for you.

Finally, use the link to connect to the server. Hopefully, you can save the server information, but if you are not able to, please let me know, and I will try to assist.

TheTechPianoPlayerKid TeamTalk Guest Account

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