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What is WPForms?

WPForms is a plugin that is used for WordPress sites, that can be downloaded by starting with the lite version, so you can get a feel of what it can do. The plugin allows you to create different forms like a “contact us” form, “a blank form” which allows you to create your own desired form, and much more! This is done all by drag and drop, and requires no coding skills. If you have a specific template you need, WPForms may have it available from their many templates of choice. If it is not listed, don’t worry, you can create your own and save it for later use. If you upgrade to a paid version, like WPForms Pro, you can get many more features like user registration, payment forms for orders using square, PayPal, and Sstripe, customized notifications sent to users and admins, anti-spam tools, digital signatures, surveys and polls, form entry limits and restrictions, and much more. I could list all the features of WPForms, but it will be a lot of information, and it will be a very long article.  You can find a list of all the features and what WPForms can do by going to


Why Use WPForms?

I have been using WPForms for a while and I think it is amazing! Yes, the plans can be a bit pricy, but you will not be disappointed. I started out with the lite free version and gradually went up to the Pro version. To be honest, I love the Pro version, even though I do not use all the features. It saves me a lot of time so I do not have to learn coding. What’s even cooler, is that you can implement the form into a page on your website, buy choosing to add it through the settings on the page creation, or by using a shortcode that is provided on each form, which can be found in the list of forms you created. Either way, you can implement the form from WPForms directly into your WordPress website page. If you are doing a giveaway, and want to limit entries, WPForms has you covered, as long as you are on the Pro version or higher.

Should you use WPForms?

First of all, I am not here to say that you have to use WPForms. This is your own decision. However, if you are looking for something that will help you with forms on your site and implement security needs and spam filtering, WPForms will help you out. If you do not want to pay for a subscription, you can start with the lite version, but keep in mind that you are limited on what features are available. You can download the lite version for free, and upgrade at any time. The Pro version seems to be the most popular, and starts at $399 per year, and if you need something more, you can get the Elite subscription, if you have multiple sites and costs $599 per year. You can use one of my affiliate links below to get a subscription and this will also help me to pay for the pro version on my site so I can continue to provide services to those who are blind or visually impaired.

Which subscription should I get on WPForms?

Again, that depends on what you do and what your site consists. If you have a small business or blog, you could start with the lite, basic, or plus version. The lite is free, basic is $99 per year, and Plus is $199 per year. You can find all the pricing options by going to:


My Views and Suggestions on Improving WPForms

So, WPForms has several pricing options available, and you can upgrade or downgrade any time. As for my views and suggestions, I would like to see the ability to pay monthly instead of just yearly. However, WPForms seems to be a very popular plugin for WordPress and I highly recommend it. If you need help using WPForms with a screen-reader, pleas let me know. I found out that NVDA seems to be more accessible with it than JAWS when setting up different forms and implementing them into your pages.

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Now for the affiliate link. Using this link you will help me to continue to use WPForms, but also will spread the word about WPForms and their services.

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